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Simple Modern Metal Bathroom / Washroom Design / Decoration (#68621) (683653) - Bathroom / Washroom

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Sleek & Simple - Metropolitan 🏙️⁠

The Minimal Modern style is featured in Metropolitan Series. Clean lines and ample storage make these vanities a welcome addition to your bathroom.⁠

Metropolitan 60" Double Bathroom Vanity - American Walnut:⁠
• Wood Species = Birch solids with American Walnut veneers⁠
• Two door cabinet with two shelves and six drawers⁠
• Premium soft-close hinges on doors⁠
• Undermount soft-close slides on drawers⁠
• Drawer bottoms are lined with our signature brushed aluminum laminate⁠
• Cabinets are finished inside and out with a premium undercoat finish for superior moisture and UV resistance⁠
• Vanity cabinet may be hung on the wall or Brushed Nickel finish metal legs may be used for the cabinet to sit on the floor⁠
• Sleek Nickel finish hardware⁠
• Countertop sold separately⁠
• Metropolitan 30" companion mirror sold separately⁠

Check out our Link in Bio for more Metropolitan info/options! 😉⁠

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