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Small Modern Bathroom / Washroom Design / Decoration (#125046) (731947) - Bathroom / Washroom

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Different Styles of Bathroom Cabinets—Select Only the Best!⁠
If you are thinking of furnishing your bathroom, you should explore the choices you have for bathroom cabinets. Depending on your bathroom size and overall interior, there are plenty of cabinet options out there for you in the market. And having so many options can often be confusing. Therefore, in this article, we have laid out some basic and most commonly used bathroom cabinet styles that will complement your bathroom perfectly. ⁠

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1. Bead Board Style Bathroom Cabinets⁠

Bead boards have been there for many years. They were used initially to make basic wall pop-ups. Today, bead boards are widely used on cabinetries to shift the style from basic to classic. If you want to give your bathrooms a very eccentric and country cottage look, opt for these types of bathroom cabinets. Not only do they stand out but give a very detailed lift to your bathroom space.⁠

2. Shutter Style Bathroom Cabinets⁠

It is the most popular style because it brings a very pleasing outside look into your bathroom. Shutter patterns are widely used on other types of furniture such as window sills and drawers, but they leave an extremely chic look on bathroom cabinets. Shutter style bathroom cabinets often look very good in small bathroom spaces and offer a very relaxed and cozy sight.⁠

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