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 Bed Room Design / Decoration (#112528) (722815) - Bed Room

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Post Description

Excellence in Quality Sleep…....

is what everyone wants. This guest bedroom was entirely reconfigured and transformed, we moved removed joinery and installed floating flexible wall shelving which allows a multi purpose use of the room as a guest room, home office and ....a future nursery. We executed the entire concept to completion project. Our artisans crafted the bespoke headboard and covered the bedframe. What you dont see are the slats 'TRECAFLEX' and the mattress ' Platinum Initial' and topper 'Opera' all made by hand in France by @trecaparis. The hidden quality which really transforms the experience of this bedroom.

If you need a new mattress and want to enjoy your precious sleep then please contact us via @claudiainteriors.co.uk and you can visit the showroom the try these beds here.
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