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 Dining Room Design / Decoration (#129372) (735307) - Dining Room

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Post Description

Showroom tour #10.
Our preferred meeting spot.
Any chance I get I’m sitting on the 675 chairs at @matthewhiltonstudio ‘s Dulwich table (both from @case_furniture ). The sweep of moulded plywood from the back rest down to the armrest the perfect comfort addition. The other extra great thing is the price, Case Furniture prides, no demands, that the pieces they produce are ‘excellent design and good value’ and very importantly, original design. The designers themselves chosen because they are masters at their craft and passionate about what they do.
All music to my ears, why else show up I figure.
The doors open on to the courtyard and the sun filters in. New showroom heaven.
Thank you for capturing it 📷 @prueruscoe , styling @designdaily .
#everythingyoureallywant #relaxedfurniture #relaxedliving #comfortablechair #robinday #675chair #iconic #britishdesign #matthewhilton #britishdesigner #robinandluciennedayfoundation #diningroom #diningroomdecor #pendantlights

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