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 Dining Room Design / Decoration (#123702) (732119) - Dining Room

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We were all set to the the table this weekend and then I wasn’t done painting the bedroom and had to finish that instead!!! Ahhhhhhh so close!!!! I also painted my kid’s bathroom and I was looking for a new light, but I ended up finding one for $20. And then I sold the mirror and bought a new one. Annnnnd then I put the existing hooks up for sale and bought new ones of those 🤣. Facebook Marketplace is my friend. Do you love to buy and sell secondhand? I like to mix it up, I think it adds character! This table is clearly a secondhand find (only $50!! And it has two leaves!!) and some of the items on the shelf are secondhand. I find I’m buying less secondhand than I used to and moving more away from antiques. Especially because we now live in a townhome, it doesn’t “go” as well as it did in our colonial. Nevertheless, I still enjoy the hunt! I may have to just do it for fun and sell it on Facebook! #weekendadventure are you a scavenger of antiques? 😘 .
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