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 Dining Room Design / Decoration (#44027) (667059) - Dining Room

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How To Lay A Christmas Table⁠

It’s the most convivial meal of the year. Make sure your table dresses the part too.⁠

One of most sage pieces of culinary advice we’ve ever been given – and one that anyone who finds themselves designated cook on Christmas Day will surely benefit from – is to lay the table first, before the cooking begins in earnest. That way, by the time you’ve sploshed bread sauce down your clothes and your hair is a frazzled mess – and crucially before the moment hits when ready to throw up your spatulas and spoons as you gasp for a sherry – you can somehow pull back some calm serenity in the knowledge that everything looks the part. On the table at least. ⁠

Here are just a few suggestions for creating a merry table. Our very top tip of all? Make it a Christmas Eve job to gather some tendrils of ivy on your winter walk and then simply scatter across the table – free, easy and festive.⁠

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