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Indian Dining Room Design / Decoration (#82974) (692847) - Dining Room

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Post Description

Would it be fair to assume that the kitchen can be one of the most complicated spaces to design in a house?

I think most of us would agree.

So in that case I believe pitching a kitchen to a client also tends to be one of the most exciting conversations to have.

With the advent of modular kitchens we have been able to use templates that can be applied to a kitchen to make the arrangement of the different required units easier.

But having worked in the modular space for a good while what I have come to observe is, in the Indian context, even from one family to another, from one culture to another, the way we use our kitchens is so varied.

Also let’s not forget about Vastu, which rules so much of the design discussion for space in India, and especially more so when it comes to a kitchen.

How do you approach a kitchen design conversation when you’re talking to a client?

Do you talk about utility first?
Or start with a colour palette?
Or do you talk about Vastu locations before anything else?

Tell me in the comments below and I’ll tell you how I do it!
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