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 Dining Room Design / Decoration (#114115) (724103) - Dining Room

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{Monday!} Pull up a chair and have a seat. Let’s get the chilly fall week started! Well, it’s going to be chilly in Nashville...highs of 60°. I’ll take it. I hope you have a very productive week and take the time to enjoy all that life has to offer as you go. This is a crazy busy week for me (us really). Website prep for the holidays, shop reset, Fall Collection of pillows being readied, but we are taking the time to have a couple of friends for dinner and will head this coming weekend to Arkansas to celebrate my son’s birthday. Perfect way to end the week! I hope your week is happy and healthy💗

xoxo, Amy Montgomery

@rubyandpeachphoto #diningroom #diningroomdecor #diningroomdesign #diningroominspo #diningroomtable
#setthetable #amymontgomerynashville #lifewithamymontgomery #haveaseat #fallingfortablescapes #nashvillehomes #southernliving #southernlivingmag #southerncharm #tohaveandtohost

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