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White Dining Room Design / Decoration (#42009) (665758) - Dining Room

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Post Description

Keeping with the idea of the downstairs renovations. I decided that most of the dark wood (particularly on the doors and windowsills) should be painted white in order to attract more light into the property. I used @duluxuk satinwood to give a high gloss finish.

Since this was my first home, I didn’t have a massive budget so a lot of my furniture came from antique shops (within my local area, @gumtreeuk, charity shops and Facebook marketplace.

I bought my dining room table and chairs from Buckhaven Bargains where I painted them using @rustoleum chalk paint to give the shabby chic look as it’s my favourite style, I got the coffee table for free from @gumtreeuk and the drinks cabinet behind my dining room table from @furnitureplus! I will focus more on the furniture on another post but for now, it’s a post on the transformation of my lounge and dining room! #loungedecor #lounge #shabbychic #diningroomdecor #diningroom #light #renovationproject #upcycle #upcycledfurniture #newlife #firsthouse #firsttimehomebuyer #budgeting

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