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Small Modern Blue Black Gold Gray Mustard Dining Room Design / Decoration (#42034) (665774) - Dining Room

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Post Description

Mostly done with our dining room fireplace accent wall.

Absolutely loving how $200 in MDF slats and paint really changed this space!

(...I still need to hem our curtains... I'll get to that eventually...)

We're looking into getting some Birch logs for the fireplace and cauldron. Thinking the bright wood will contrast nicely amongst the darker elements in this room.

Next up will be tackling the other three walls in this space. We're possibly planning to go dark blue, dark gray, or black on the other walls. The wall across from the fireplace will be our home bar - this will include a couple bottle shelves on the wall and an L bar. As the bar wall leads up to the second floor and is quite tall we'll also fill the wall with other art and decor pieces. The left wall will be a partial bar wall with glass storage and will also include closed buffet storage for other dining room table necessities. The left wall is also very tall so we'll also be adding art/decor/whatnot to this wall as well. The wall to the right is our dining table wall - mostly we'll just paint this wall and add some small bits of art. Design sketches to come on this... though if you know me by now my design sketches change a mile a minute 😅

[December 2020]

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