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Small Big Dining Room Design / Decoration (#42151) (665841) - Dining Room

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Post Description

Chandelier update! Swipe left to see before
So when we moved in, our table did not fit where the chandelier centered the dining area so naturally I wanted to get a new chandelier:) Because I didn’t want to redo any existing electric, I found a chandelier with a chain so I could hang it where the old one was and then use the chain to position it in the center of our table
The chandelier that was here was dated and a little bulkier than I prefer, so I found a few inspiration pics of what I wanted and searched until I found the right light! This fixture didn’t come like this (I’ll have a separate post for how I transformed this chandelier) but after some paint and shades I was able to achieve the look I was going for🙌🏻 All of that to say, small changes can make a big difference! And I’m so happy with this change
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