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Simple Modern Wooden Metal White Black Kitchen Design / Decoration (#127815) (735706) - Kitchen

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You don't need to be a farmer to enjoy the practical benefits and striking aesthetics of modern farmhouse design. When you incorporate this style in your home, you're showing your relaxed enthusiasm for country comfort with a minimalist twist.👇

Modern farmhouse is a newer take on the classic farmhouse design. When you modernize the classic farmhouse look, you still have the down-home comfort with less clutter and more sophisticated simplicity.


-Focus on function over style
-Neutral colors
-Clean lines
-Simple wooden furniture balanced out with plush, comfy counterparts
-Industrial-inspired pieces
-Light fixtures with an iron look
-Items that are used take priority over decorative items


-Natural wood tones mixed with white and black
-Barn beams on the ceiling
-Copper light fixtures
-Barn-inspired doors on the pantry
-A mix of metals on appliances and fixtures
-X-braces on the sides of an island
-Reclaimed wood for open shelving
-Distressed wood for a rustic accent
-A Fossil Blu farmhouse sink😉
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