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Black Kitchen Design / Decoration (#49123) (671989) - Kitchen

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Post Description

Earlier this year we finished our first project in Tel Aviv, an apartment in a tower overlooking the city. Today I'm happy to share this first shot of the completed project!
The eyecatcher in the open kitchen and living space is the sculptural island with an integrated dining table. We used mostly a neutral palette throughout the apartment, with natural Oak details combined with a dramatically veined 'Arabescato' marble (handpicked together with the client). Dark elements like the black stained library and the dining chairs provide a subtle punch. #dietervandervelpenarchitects #TelAvivApartment
Thanks to the team of Belgian craftsmen that followed us on this amazing journey and installed these bespoke interior elements on site: @il_granito & @wilfrawaregem
Photo by @patriciagoijens

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