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Blue White Kitchen Design / Decoration (#91964) (701462) - Kitchen

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Post Description

Blue!!!! 🙌🏻 Finally a kitchen update! We tend to do a million projects at once instead of starting one and finishing it, so I’m convinced at this point that both my husband and I have ADHD. But alas, our kitchen is almost done and is now blue! My dream! We have completely gutted this kitchen. Redid it, then redid it again 🤪. I have always dreamed of a blue cottage kitchen. But was hesitant for a variety of reasons so decided to go the safe route with basic white subway tile (which I also love), but when it was done I kept wishing I had gone with what I really wanted. So, we removed the white and put up the blue. Luckily, most of the white tiles popped right off and we’ll be able to reuse them in one of the bathrooms. Moral of the story, always go with your gut and what you want the first time to avoid having to redo it down the road with how you really wanted it. 😁


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