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Modern White Black Gold Kitchen Design / Decoration (#111342) (721056) - Kitchen

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Post Description

I usually tend to prefer light colored kitchens, but this beauty over here made me dream of black kitchen cabinets 🖤
The designer @designstrom successfully made this black colored kitchen feel light and airy, you may be thinking
How can I do that?
▪️make sure your kitchen receives plenty sunlight
▪️ditch the top cabinets, if you desire you can add a shelf or two
▪️paint the walls and ceiling a light color, preferably white
▪️choose a definite number of materials and stick to it (notice how here the designer opted for black, gold and oak toned wood)
▪️add glass

📸: @designstrom
#kitchendesign #kitchendecor #kitcheninspiration #kitcheninspo #darkkitchen #darkkitchencabinets #blackkitchen #homepolish #homedecor #homedesign #homedecoration #decorationideas #modernkitchens

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