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Rose Kitchen Design / Decoration (#64581) (678243) - Kitchen

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Post Description

Just look at that worktop! It's an Estremoz marble, we don't think we've ever seen it in one of our kitchens before but it's definitely a new favourite, soft and peachy and with the most beautiful rose-coloured veining. A lot of people shy away from marble and worry about its durability but we hope you find a little reassurance that this is @_foodstories_ top choice, this kitchen was literally made for cooking. If you've ever tried rolling pastry or pasta on this naturally cool surface you'll understand its appeal. True, it may pick up scratches or marks but these are just proof of a well-loved and well-used kitchen, much like mucky marks and folded pages in your recipe books. #deVOLKitchens

Thank you to @_foodstories_ / @_designtales_ for the beautiful photo

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