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Small Modern White Kitchen Design / Decoration (#70012) (684412) - Kitchen

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Post Description

Before & After coming at you! Swipe to see this small kitchen come to lifeπŸ‘‡

Accomplishing any project during this season seems to take a little more time than usual, but we are so thrilled with how the Belfield project turned out, and it was a pleasure to work with the homeowner and see her hopes for her kitchen become reality! Now she can cozy up in this inviting space and get her baking on (she makes killer cupcakes by the way)! 🍰❀️

The details: We opened up the space between the original kitchen and dining room for a more welcoming and functional space, brought in some gorgeous floor tiles, added bright shaker cabinetry & quartz countertops from @wonderkitchenandbath and some stunning custom pieces from @jberrywoodcraft to make this space really sing! Oh and that square tile backsplash is the icing on cake. Together they create a real showstopper!

Thanks to all of our team and partners who made this project a beautiful success! πŸ‘

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#kitchenreno #whiteshakercabinets
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