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Small Black Kitchen Design / Decoration (#95746) (701936) - Kitchen

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To create ambient light, we need to use light fittings that are not directional, and by that we mean fittings that fill the room with light, turning the room into the light source.
Quality LED lighting allows us to craft magnificent ambient lighting in a room, from the smallest imaginable light fittings, ensuring that the lighting is not the feature in the room, but is working for the overall design and function of the room.

And one of the trickiest aspects of creating a lighting plan for your home is working out how much light is enough – over on the blog ‘Layered Light - How much is enough? ‘ link in our bio @mintlighting_design

Or maybe we can do this for you -
If want more than a standard lighting plan full of downlights and you’ve finalised your house plans.
Reach out to us at MINT and we’ll arrange to have a chat to discuss the specifics of your project.
Call [03] 9555 2275 or email [email protected]
Zoom - online consultations are always available anywhere in Australia.

Above is our Williamstown Project by @achievedesign – who bought us in to consult as part of the concept design stage. Based on the architectural drawings, together we developed a lighting plan that was holistic in its approach @mintlighting_design

@cosinteriors @stonelux_au @woodformarch @tonguengrooveau @lightslightslights_au @mieleaustralia @sliceveneers

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