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Big Living Room Design / Decoration (#13645) (650461) - Living Room

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Post Description

Remember me? I’m alive! After nearly a month break of posting I’m back. Thought I would kick off December with a little Christmas decor (that I have had up for three weeks now). If you didn’t catch my stories a week or two back then you probably don’t know where I’ve been. For starters, I started a new job! Which has been a very awesome opportunity for me & my little fam. That’s been taking up a big part of my life which I am not complaining about because I love it! Besides that, to put it rather bluntly I have realized that this platform, and social media in general was draining me. I wasn’t finding much joy in it. I have realized that for myself, I can’t be wrapped up in my phone all the time. I am much happier when I’m off of my phone living my real life. I won’t be leaving Instagram entirely, but I’ve decided I’m going to post when I actually want to rather then feeling like I have to. I encourage you to do the same if you’ve been feeling the way I feel! On that note, how is everyone doing? I would love to hear from you! 🤍

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