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Amrutha Suresh

Amrutha Suresh

Amrutha Suresh (born 2 August 1990), also known as Amritha Suresh, is an Indian singer, composer, songwriter, and radio jockey. She attained popularity after her stint at the reality television singing competition Idea Star Singer on Asianet in 2007. Since then, she has sung and composed in several films and music albums. She has been a celebrity radio jockey on Radio Suno 91.7 with the music show Suno Melodies. In 2014, she founded the music band Amrutam Gamay, in which Amrutha and her sister Abhirami Suresh are the lead vocalists. They are also known for vlogging, with the series AG Vlogs on their YouTube channel Amrutam Gamay – AG. show more...

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