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Saravana Vickram

Saravana Vickram

Saravana Vickram is an Indian Actor, who is working in the Tamil television and short film industry. Vickram made his acting debut in the Tamil short film “Kanmani” along with Nithya, directed by Naveen Prasad and produced by NP Media. He also acted with popular actresses like Pavani Reddy, Shwetha, Hema Rajkumar, VJ Chitra, and Sujitha. He has appeared in some well known short films such as En Uyir Nanban, Kural En 1031, Pagutharivu, Karam, and Rowthiram Pazhagu. Saravana Vickram currently doing the leading role in Pandiyan Stores serial along with Vinuja Vijay in Vijay TV. show more...

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