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KFC is an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, that specializes in fried chicken. It is the... ...show more

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KFC Description

KFC is an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, that specializes in fried chicken. It is the world's second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald's, with 22,621 locations globally in 150 countries as of December 2019. The chain is a subsidiary of Yum!

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✅ Who founded KFC & When it was founded?

KFC founded by Colonel Sanders in 1952.

✅ Who is the present CEO of KFC?

Roger Eaton is the CEO of KFC as of August 2020.

✅ Where is the KFC (Headquarters) located?

KFC's is company headquarters is located at Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

✅ Who owns KFC?

KFC is a subsidiary company of Yum! Brands.

✅ How to contact KFC?

You can send a tweet to @kfc, the official twitter account of KFC.
Also you can visit their website by clicking the link below and find other contact information.
Click here to visit kfc.com

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if i ever meet louis tomlinson i’m gonna ask him to smoke a cigarette with me 😂
Posted 1 hour ago
@SpiritOfCongres Can we just say that it's tasty thats why we eat? I don't think we go to KFC with this logic 😂😂😂
Posted 1 hour ago
@MentorSkywalker @LitaNeumann @CSI_KFC Actually he somehow fitted himself with a spider like bottom prior to the night mother giving him his legs back.
Posted 1 hour ago
@Goth_Kat Yup warburton and KFC, mcdonals are all halal! I had to walk extra to get a loaf from good ole m and s
Posted 1 hour ago
@maxuntitled Le poulet, le poulet, How I love le poulet, Love to cook and to eat chicken, From the KFC to the spicy "bongles" Who can say no to this magnificent dish?
Posted 1 hour ago
I can’t wait to go to kfc downtown and say I could have a number 6 extra seasoning on the fries and a macaroni
Posted 1 hour ago
Tô sonhando brabao com umas tirinhas/pedaços do kfc ☹️ Alguém manda p fafay ☹️
Posted 1 hour ago
@viiahns Cute, but she tries so hard to be kfc 😔
Posted 1 hour ago
"So baby if you say you want me to drive to KFC.. I LOVE CHICKEN"
Posted 1 hour ago
@RogertheBorg1 @ChrisRees3 @GuidoFawkes Don't follow them. But also don't reside solely in an echo chamber of your own ideas. Go back to work. But don't go back to work. Stay in, unless you don't want to. Don't be obese, but also here's half price of KFC.
Posted 1 hour ago
The way I could fly to Jamaica right now just to go and get KFC for their fish burger 😫
Posted 1 hour ago
@Lameluka1 @CSI_KFC The reason it was filmed in the UK is because u get a massive tax break by filming there, Solo recieved about $40m in tax breaks. Do the math. 65% domestic take due to the success of TFA, and 55% overseas. Leaves you with 240m. Film costed about 280m so 40m in red....
Posted 1 hour ago
@xPRKRx @Ninja @TeamNINJA @Complex Ngl It looks like dog shit compared to the kfc skin concept
Posted 2 hours ago
@Lameluka1 @CSI_KFC No the budget was $250m, plus about $70m for marketing. The financials are public due to the project being filmed in the UK, all financials are public for tax purposes, u can look it up and dig through them yourself like I did. The project was called Stanum 50 Labs.
Posted 2 hours ago
@notkirst @kfc_canada A case of beer says you have no idea what type of plant is in that burger... Another case says you are googling KFC right now to see what type of plant is in that burger so you can respond to my smart ass comment...
Posted 2 hours ago
@jimcramer What if China takes over local KFC claiming it is trying to poison the Chinese? What is happening in plunder. once US was beacon of property rights and rule of law- now it has become pirates of the Carribean..
Posted 2 hours ago
Posted 2 hours ago
Currently at KFC to get my refund yalameal ihlebisayo. Wish me luck bethuna🤞🏾
Posted 2 hours ago
People want to lick trump out because his mom wasn't born in America Wasn't Obama's conceived from a dumpster behind KFC from a dad from Nigeria and a mom from a whore house
Posted 2 hours ago
@CSI_KFC sounds like a great idea to me
Posted 2 hours ago

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