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Vimeo is a video hosting, sharing, and services platform headquartered in New York City. Vimeo operates on an ad-free basis,... ...show more

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Vimeo Description

Vimeo is a video hosting, sharing, and services platform headquartered in New York City. Vimeo operates on an ad-free basis, and instead derives revenue by providing subscription plans for video content .

People also ask

✅ Who founded Vimeo & When it was founded?

Vimeo founded by Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick in November 2004.

✅ Who is the present CEO of Vimeo?

Anjali Sud is the CEO of Vimeo as of August 2020.

✅ Where is the Vimeo (Headquarters) located?

Vimeo's is company headquarters is located at New York, New York, United States.

✅ Who owns Vimeo?

Vimeo is a subsidiary company of IAC.

✅ How to contact Vimeo?

You can send a tweet to @Vimeo, the official twitter account of Vimeo.
Also you can visit their website by clicking the link below and find other contact information.
Click here to visit vimeo.com

Recent Tweets about Vimeo

@thedumbtrader Ok, I saw the Vimeo video. Can you post on how to build programs like you did for RS?
Posted 11 minutes ago
Despite the pain. Despite the traumas which feel at times, unending. Resilience. And today is a win, no matter how small. It’s a result. I’ve been trying to get #YemojaRiseoftheOrisha removed from the Vimeo site for four years...
Posted 36 minutes ago
@GreyDeLisle @anylaurie16 @billyramirez @Vimeo @DougStanhope @chrisfairbanks @Henlips Hey grey! Do you know Laurie? Just reached out to her via email to see if I could help in anyway.
Posted 43 minutes ago
@anylaurie16 @billyramirez @Vimeo @DougStanhope @chrisfairbanks Hey Laurie, I'm a comedy editor (I cut the documentary HECKLER among a buncha other stuff) and have plenty of COVID-induced free time on my hands. I'd be happy to cut your special for free. If you're interested, please DM me.
Posted 45 minutes ago
@nico_quejano @cinemalayaoffcl Isn't it, if you rent it via Vimeo, you have one week naman to watch?
Posted 1 hour ago
@Blackmoor_Film Great! I'll have to check if my smartTV has a Vimeo app. It probably does.
Posted 1 hour ago
@Blackmoor_Film Then that seals it! Vimeo it is. Looking forward to watching it very much.
Posted 1 hour ago
Forgot how long Instant Apps are a thing on Android but I just experienced my very first one, thanks to Vimeo! #firsttimeforeverything
Posted 1 hour ago
If u have not seen the documentary-Take Back Your Power- from 2013 about dangers of smart phones, wifi/5G & documented incidences of ca clusters around towers, go to Vimeo & watch! Reveals corruption,how standards were set in US&lack of testing in telecom industry.
Posted 2 hours ago
#PBRN2020 tips: Hit the play button in the Vimeo presentations before things go live so you don’t miss the start & scroll down to participate in the chat!
Posted 2 hours ago
get high just to watch some certain artist's vimeo lol
Posted 4 hours ago
ใครสนใจดูเรื่องเรือนจำในนอร์เวย์ และเรื่องราวน่าสนใจจากประเทศอื่นๆเพิ่มเติม คลิปจาก where to invade next หนังสารคดีในใจของเรา ตามได้ที่ vimeo ของ @DocClubTH เลยนะคะ
Posted 5 hours ago
@Brent20929574 Pretty easy to use it’s just Vimeo and I believe it’s like 30 days from purchasing you can watch as many times as you want. Normal one you can skip back on! Also. Thank you !
Posted 5 hours ago
Wow. I found my old Vimeo account. Shout out to the experimental video I did for uni where I eat the messiest foods from Polish shop (doughnuts, herring in cream) without licking my mouth once! I've added this Polish song about longing in the background. 10 years later it hit me.
Posted 6 hours ago
@LimTheSimp @rachel404_ @rustyimpact i am EXPOSING😱dreamwastaken. his manhunt👨🏻❌videos are FAKE💰. he STAGES🎬them. the hunters🔪are all ACTORS🎭. they are all SCRIPTED📃‼️. I hope you can see the light🙏🏼💡. he is a FRAUD❌😖BUT🖐you can ALWAYS⏱subscribe💪to my vimeo👄🎥
Posted 6 hours ago
@Vimeo What is the best email address to reach someone at? I am still awaiting a response from 30th May from [email protected]
Posted 6 hours ago
@Benswap I'd guess $300B...Its competitors are Vimeo, Spotify, Showtime, Starz, Pandora , don't believe there is something like too big to fail.
Posted 7 hours ago
@anylaurie16 @billyramirez @Vimeo @DougStanhope @chrisfairbanks Wrong. It cost time to edit if you take the time to learn how to do it. And don’t even @ me with time=money when every comedy club on earth been closed for 5 months. You had time, you were just lazy. Not learning the Schultz model of promoting is on you.
Posted 8 hours ago
Come join us and be a part of this amazing learning experience. HURRY UP! 4days to [email protected] @nshmkc #design #thingdesign #OnlineClasses #onlineeducation #nsd #nshmschooloffdesign #nshm #youtubechannel #Facebook #instagram #Vimeo
Posted 8 hours ago
@jaejaetaek @dalgonarenjun @latimes @suhaunah Every single person that's tweeted at me in this thread has bragged about the quality of China's domestic products rather than caring at all about the fact that those are the products that you are limited to. Also Vimeo is better than YouTube for video quality, YT is content.
Posted 10 hours ago

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